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Monday 15th April, 8.30-9.30pm, Surrey Sports Park

List opens at 6pm Thursdays with space for reserves.

TOP 24 PLACES GET BIKES, others are wait listed

If you can't make it please remove yourself from the list. If you're one of the top 24 let the first reserve know they have a bike. Can't unregister, please post on FB.

No track yet so spinning is winning!

Registration opens at 11-04-2019 18:00

Registration closes at 15-04-2019 20:30

Registered Users:

  1. AmandaC
  2. GraemeC
  3. BretA
  4. gfrench
  5. GavinM
  6. SamTud
  7. Chris W
  8. Paul W
  9. MichaelG
  10. KierenF
  11. TomW
  12. LauraM
  13. Martin
  14. CharlieCrawford

Registration is currently closed.