My First Triathlon was The Worst Experience of My Life

Fri 20 Jan 2017

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Ed with daughter Charlie, who is also now doing triathlons

My first triathlon was awful. It was at Eton Dorney lake. I’d never open water swum before, and never worn a wetsuit.

I borrowed a wetsuit off a friend of Al Greenan. About 200m into the swim, I had a panic attack, and had to be calmed down by a marshal on a kayak. I finished the swim, absolutely hating it, and I still regard it as one of the worst experiences of my life.

It took nearly 3 years to open water swim again, since which time I have built up to 2km swims, although I’m not technically very good yet (this is an understatement, as Andy the coach will tell you!) But, I’m beating my demons, and I am winning the battle.

Since joining the club, my overall triathlon distances are increasing, my technique is improving across all of the disciplines, and I feel better for it mentally and physically. I’ve done a collection of Supersprints, Sprints and Challenge distance.

2017 is a massive year for me, as I go from Challenge distance to 70.3.

I’m taking part in the Brutal 70.3 in Snowdonia in September. The “full” was voted the worlds toughest IM by 220 Magazine readers, and finishes with a run up and down Snowdon. We were there in September 2016, and saw what the competitors were going through. Thinking of the run makes me feel sick if I’m honest, but my training is going well, and I will complete it, and with a smile as I bowl into Llanberis for the final time.

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